• Keyboard player for summer camps
  • Nurse for the summer camps
  • Lifeguard for the summer camps
  • Workers & counselors for the summer camps
  • Children and youth workers to serve as dorm monitors

All workers must be approved through MAPS/AGHM (Mission America Placement Service for Assemblies of God Home Missions), a layman's ministry arm of the Assemblies of God Home Missions.  Application for ministry/project involvement should be directed to:  MAPS/Assemblies of God Home Missions, 1445 Boonville Avenue , Springfield , MO   65802 .  Contact MAPS AGHM. Please state that you are interested in working with Jim & Linda Schulz at Camp AN , Alaska .

If you are interested in helping with one of these needs, or know someone who may be interested, please contact us at the information given on the "Contact Us" page or the MAPS/AGHM office listed above.

Partner With Jim and Linda

Consider becoming a part of our team. Your prayer and financial support will continue to enable us to effectively minister in Alaska and the ends of the earth. .