"The Place of God," as the name would be translated from its Yupik Eskimo origin was the name chosen by Sonny Joseph. Sonny was the pastor of Yupik Assembly of God in Alakanuk, Alaska until the time of his death in 1997. God miraculously provided the property for the camp. Eight acres were donated for missions to use. Plans were made for approximately 30 to 40 kids and teens for the first year. The Holy Spirit had other plans and 61 kids and teens attended from nine villages in 1996. Since then, Camp AN has continued to grow. God, through the Holy Spirit, moves mightily in the lives of these young people as they “come apart” to fellowship, learn, and worship God.

The camp is remote, located 17 river miles from the nearest village of Emmonak. The entire camp is housed in tents with a large tent (1,200 square feet) housing the kitchen and a larger tent housing the dining and chapel area. Four 35 foot tents serve as dorm tents for the campers and four smaller ones for the workers. Two shower houses were constructed (permanently) and two toilet (outhouse) facilities were constructed permanently. The most popular spot each year is the swimming area. Those brave enough, enjoy swimming in the Akularak River (part of the Yukon) with the water approximately 50 degrees. Other recreational facilities have been added. A great thanks goes to the churches and individuals who help make this possible. Each year, workers from all over the United States come to make the camp happen and each year we see the hand of God as He provides cohesive teams that work together to provide everything needed to minister to those who come.

The services are always marked by the presence of the Holy Spirit. Campers receive Christ, are filled with the Holy Spirit, and some respond to God’s call on their lives for ministry. Alaska has even seen workers called to Alaska to minister through their experience at Camp AN. Come and be a part of the miracle of Camp Agaiutim Nune!

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