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Feel the Warm Welcome of This Multi-Ethnic Church

The third ministry in which Jim and Linda are involved is serving as Senior Pastors of Crossroads Assembly of God. Crossroads is a multi-ethnic church located in the most diverse area of Alaska. Crossroads is unable to pay a pastoral salary; therefore, the Schulz Ministry still depends on your mission’s support to serve in Alaska. In its location in the northeast area of Anchorage, there have been over 100 ethnic groups found within just a few miles of the church.

The most diverse place in America is not where you think ( 

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Reaching Out To All who make Alaska home

In 2015 CNN ran an article stating:

  • Mountain View, a northeast Anchorage neighborhood, boasts the most diverse census tract in all of America. That’s according to University of Alaska sociology professor Chad Farrell, who analyzed the census data.
  • In fact, Farrell says the country’s three most diverse census tracts are all in Anchorage, followed by a handful in Queens, as in New York, which usually tops everyone’s diversity guess list.

The Schulzes, through Crossroads Assembly of God, reach out to all who make their home in Alaska. This gives them the opportunity to minister to people groups from all over the world.