US Missionaries for the Assemblies of God
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Jim and linda

Bringing the News of the Gospel to all people across Alaska

Jim and Linda Schulz are veteran missionaries serving over 50 years in US Missions, ministering to many of the different Indian and Eskimo cultures found in Alaska. Jim grew up in an Assembly of God minister’s home and was called to the ministry from a young age. Pursuing that calling, Jim attended Southeastern Bible College (now University) and began pastoring his first church in Punta Gorda, Florida immediately following college. After ordination and receiving a US Missions appointment, he and Linda immediately began preparing to move to Alaska where they have remained since.


Years of Faithful Service

After initially spending several years with the Athabascan Indians of the interior village of Minto, they moved to Alaska’s West Coast where they built a church in the Yupik Eskimo village of Kotlik on the north mouth of the Yukon Delta. Following seven years of ministry in Kotlik, they pioneered a new work in Kotzebue, an Inupiat village located 30 miles above the Arctic Circle. Here they built a parsonage in 1979 where church services were held until they, along with the congregation and help from crews from the Lower 48, were able to build a church in 1982. While living in Kotzebue, Jim served as Presbyter of the Western Section of Alaska piloting his own plane between villages.